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    Spirit, Culture, Healing & Education make for Powerful Dancing !!


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    Our mission is to bring people together to joyously reclaim responsibilityfor our health and well being. While positively reacquainting ourselves with our Central AFrican Ancestors lineage.

    Our Presentations are an experience!

    Our Classes will enlighten your soul

    Zongo, a Kikongo word meaning Power. Zongo Dance is a new style comprised of ancient healing movements founded and created by Rehema Nkisi and Shaleena Capers. We have a unified vision of positively impacting the lives of millions of people by offering more than just dance or fitness but a culturally rich way to reclaim health and wellbeing while reconnecting with our essential core, The Kongo.

    Zongo style is based in Kongolese dance & designed to invigorate the

    whole body, mind and soul.

    Deriving from the Center of Africa and spiraling from the core/center of the body, Zongo is low impact, sensual-yet powerful, strengthening and full of fun. Joy is the impact that Zongo will have on women, men and youth.

    We know that you can enjoy while maintaining

    Optimum Health


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    Rehema's positive energy is electrifying and keeps you smiling, laughing, and working up a sweat during class. She demonstrates how your posture, your feet, the bending of your knees, arms, hands, and finger tips are all involved in the sensual, fluid-like, Congolese movements. It is rare to come across an African dance teacher, like Rehema, who can verbally explain and show you how to distinguish Guinea technique from Congolese and Mali technique from Sabar dance. Rehema reinforces the integrity of all styles of African dance, whether traditional or contemporary, so that we can utilize these forms of dance, again, for self and collective healing. As a result, Rehema, provides us with a foundation and legacy to preserve and share.


    Kai Nortey


    I entered the dance community as a college kid with a love for African dance ready to absorb as much as possible. I wasn't aware that the world of professional (and enthusiast) dance could be so harsh and ego-driven. When I stepped into Rehema's class, I received encouragement, compliments and technique that was foundational and full of joy. This continued to be the case over decades as Rehema augmented my studies with lessons for stage performance, tour etiquette, choreography and of course, pure dance! I have a profound respect for Rehema's wisdom and abilities and am forever grateful for her presence in my life.


    Kysha Mitchell




    Rehema's Passion for people is superceded only by her immense love for Dance.

    Her slogan is

    Dance is Life / Life is a Dance

    Rehema has danced Traditional Africa Dances of West Africa and Central Afrca

    for over three decades

    She has traveled to Africa numerous times where she has studied, performed and taught dance.

    She has toured with top Artist and participated in music videos of various African Artist Incuding but Papa Wemba, Soukous Stars, Pepe Kalle (R.I.P),

    Malonga (R.I.P.), Titos Sompa,

    Baaba Maal

    Her Dancing is

    Powerful, Sensual, Energetic & Graceful.


    This is what she wished to share with you. So let go of any inhibitions and lets

    Flow in Dance and Dance in the Flow.



    Come out and share in the Healing vibrations

    1st student receives a gift

    Kongo pupils 1st class free ($8 after)

    Pan African Festival 2016 Washtington DC area (Silver Springs)

    The Joy of Dance....Life is too long to not enjoy !!

    Masengo's Women Drum Class ongoing for 15+ years

    Masengo invited me to come by and dance with them as I was visiting Oakland for a couple of weeks.

    The Joy of Dance....Life is too long to not enjoy !!

    Dance Conference Malonga Center Oakland Cali

    Dancing Bakongo...mmm...Ngoma's so sweet energetic yet calming ...Congo Music...

    The Joy of Dance....Life is too long to not enjoy !!

    Dance Conference workshop with Mbayero. Masengou playing lead Ngoma, Mapus, Kia




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